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The Naskapi Nation acts through its Chief and Council, who are elected for a term of three years.
Council’s responsibilities are to:
·       be the local government on the Category IA-N land;
·       manage that land and its natural resources;
·       regulate the use of buildings;
·       manage the Naskapi Nation’s finances;
·       promote community development and charitable works; and
·       promote and preserve Naskapi culture, values and traditions.

Current Chief and Councillors Portfolios
Chief Noah Swappie
Intergovernmental Affairs
Health and Social Services

Deputy Chief Jimmy James Einish

Councillor George Shecanapish
Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Rights

Councillor Paul Mameanskum
Emergency Preparedness

Councillor Edward Shecanapish
Youth and Women's Issues

Councillor Silas Nabinicaboo
Economic Development


The Naskapi Village of Kawawachikamach (the “Village”) was created by Québec legislation pursuant to Section 8 of the NEQA. It acts as the municipal government for the Category IB-N land. The Village is also responsible for providing police services on Category IA-N land. The Chief and Councillors of the Naskapi Nation act as Mayor and Councillors respectively, of the Village.





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