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Naskapi Local Management Board • ᓇᔅᑲᐱ ᐊᑐᔅᒐᐅᓐ ᐛᔅᑯᑎᒪᑎᓱᓇᓄᒡ ᑲᒪᒧᐎᓇᓄᒡ

The Naskapi Local Management Board (“NLMB”) provides training and employment opportunities to Naskapis and other Natives living on the Territory. For more information, or to apply to the NLMB, please contact the Training and Economic Development Officer.

Naskapi Community Economic Development Organization •
ᓇᔅᑲᐱ ᐱᑎᓱ ᐃᔪᔅᒋᒡ ᐊᑐᔅᒐᐅᓐ ᒐᒋ ᒋᒥᑕᑲᓄᒡ ᑲᒪᒧᐎᓇᓄᒡ

The objectives of the Naskapi Community Economic Development Organization (“CEDO”) are to: prioritize the business development needs of Naskapis and of Native non-Naskapis residing on Category IA-N land and in its vicinity, identify and follow up on matters related to the infrastructural improvement of Kawawachikamach, identify business opportunities in the Kawawachikamach/Schefferville area and Eligible Persons who may be interested in taking advantage of those opportunities, prioritize the completion of feasibility studies, recommend to Council the provision of funding to meet the foregoing needs out of the budget granted to it, and to do all such other as may be necessary or desirable to give effect to the foregoing.

Naskapi Education Committee • ᓇᔅᑲᐱ ᔅᑯᑎᒪᑐᐅᓐ ᑲᒪᒧᐎᓇᓄᒡ

The mandate of the Naskapi Education Committee (“NEC”) is to determine the calendar year of the School, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, develop the content of courses designed to preserve the Naskapi language and culture, determine the number of years of secondary school instruction to be offered, participate in the selection procedure regarding the hiring of School personnel, recommend to the Central Québec School Board (“CQSB”) policies for the placing in other secondary schools of Naskapis residing on Category IA-N land, with particular regard to Naskapi students obliged to attend school outside of the community, and determine the date when the election of members of the Committee shall take place.

Naskapi Justice and Healing Committee • ᓇᔅᑲᐱ ᑎᐸᔅᑯᓐᒐᐅᓐ ᑲᒪᒧᐎᓇᓄᒡ

The Naskapi Justice Healing Committee (“NJHC”) was established in November, 1995. Its mandate is to ensure Naskapi involvement in the administration of Justice on Category IA-N land, including assisting judges in sentencing matters, assist probation officers in the administration of probation orders, and helping with the reintegration of community members upon their release from prison.

Recreation Committee • ᓇᔅᑲᐱ ᒪᑐᐛᐅᓐ ᑲᒪᒧᐎᓇᓄᒡ

The mandate of the Recreation Committee is to organize and fund recreational activities for Naskapis. In previous years, it has organized and/or funded several activities, such as Hockey Tournaments, Halloween Dance Party, New Year’s Party and Gifts for Children, and Broomball and Hockey Bottine Tournaments, to name a few.

Hunter Support Committee • ᑲᓐᑐᐅᓇᓄᒡ ᑲᒪᒧᐎᓇᓄᒡ

The Hunter Support Committee (“HSC”) is responsible for making decisions regarding how the Hunter Support Programme will operate each year. It comprises four Naskapi Hunters, who are selected by the Naskapi Nation. Council also appoints one of its members as its representative on the HSC.

Naskapi Police Committee  ᓇᔅᑲᐱ ᑲᒪᑯᓄᐛᓯᒡ ᑲᒪᒧᐎᓇᓄᒡ

The objective and function of the Naskapi Police Committee (“NPC”) is to promote better policing services in Category IA-N land. Among other things, the NPC: identifies the concerns and needs of the Naskapi community in policing matters; establishes policing priorities for the Naskapi community; develops such strategies or programmes to encourage the participation of the Naskapi community in policing matters as may be required for the delivery of effective policing services in Category IA-N land; and makes recommendations regarding the hours and pay of members of the Naskapi Police Force.

Emergency Planning Committee • ᒋᔅᒋᑯᒡ ᒐᒂᓐ ᐃᔅᐱᐃᒡ ᒐᒋ ᐊᔭᔅᑯᐎᓇᓄᒡ EPC

The Emergency Planning Committee (“EPC”) is mandated to prepare an emergency plan for Kawawachikamach in conformity with the requirements of the Emergency Plans Act, to update it annually or more often as required, and to submit it to Council for its approval.

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