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What is it?

Work Skills for Mining is an exciting new pilot program, being developed by the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach.

Using real workplace materials from the mining sector, students will brush up on the essential skills needed to work in the mining sector, such as:

·       Reading

·       Document use

·       Numeracy

·       Oral communication

Students will also learn about the mining sector, employer expectations, workplace culture and career options.


Why should I sign up?

Huge new mining projects are under way in the Schefferville area, and a large skilled workforce will be required. This development can offer great career opportunities for the local community. Possible careers include:

·       Heavy Equipment Operator        

·       Truck Driver

·       Payroll Clerk

·       Bookkeeper

·       Security Guard

·       Administrator

·       Driller

·       Sampler

·       Mining Technician


Where are the classes?

Temporarily, in the church basement in Kawawachikamach. A Workplace Education Centre is being completed on Nabincaboo Road, and the program will move to its new location in December.


When are the classes?

Every day, beginning in October. Students can either sign up for the 9am-12:00 p.m. class or the 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. class. The duration of the program depends on what the student’s capabilities are, and on what the student wants to learn.


How to register

For more information, call Stephanie Gunter at (418) 585-2621 or (418) 585-8039.

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